I want to offer you the best resources will help you in your business and in your life! 

Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to move forward with any of the products, I will earn a small commission. I appreciate your support and want you to know that I personally work with and trust the companies below. I highly recommend that if there is a fit for your needs, you reach out to them using the links below or reach out to me directly and I am happy to get in you in the right direction. There is no additional cost to you for the commission I earn.

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Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting

Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting was founded by Jordan Mendoza who is truly a World Changer! Any of the options below will absolutely take your business to another level!

Spark is an all-inclusive package that includes 1 Dedicated Coach, 1 Custom About Me Page created & integrated, 2x Youcard design & Creation, 2 Landing Pages, up to 4 Custom Sales Funnels and more!
LinkedIn Profile Audit & Consult will give you 2 1:1 sessions and a complete profile audit & advice.

Landing Page Mini-Course will teach you how to create a landing page that converts!

12 Week LinkedIn Coaching Program helps you go from Optimization to Monetization in 12 weeks!



TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease.

This is definitely a product you want if you want to grow your YouTube Subscribers!

I love this product!


Create Sales Funnels in Minutes! All You Need Is Your Phone!

Painless website & landing page builder that will have you generating more leads, more customers, and more sales!

This is Ryan Stewman's (Hardcore Closer) company. Check out the conversation I had with Ryan here.

Zach Babcock - Podcast Powertrain

I took Zach’s courses and they helped me a TON! Even after podcasting for a couple of years on my own, I was able to make changes to my business after going through Zach’s courses that helped my business tremendously!


Not only is Fiverr a great resource to get amazing work done like Unboxing Videos (I do that), How To Videos (I do that), Explainer Videos (I do that), Logo Creation, and so much more!

I use Fiverr as both a buyer and seller and I would definitely recommend you check it out!

Message me if you are looking for something, I might be able to help. I have 25+ Five Star Ratings and Reviews from Clients!

Convert Kit

ConvertKit Helps you find your audience, turn them into true fans, & earn a living as a creator with their audience building and email marketing software! Check out these 3 webinars to help you! Email Writing Pep Talk - 3 Steps to Raving Fans & Customers - List Building Pep Talk - 3 Steps To Your First 1,000 Subscribers - Sales Funnel Pep Talk - 3 Steps To More Sales In Less Time

The BAM Network

Promotes CEOs, Celebrities, and Subject Matter Experts. They help you make the right connections you need to grow your business. I have worked with the BAM Network for a few years now and if you are looking to book the next big name for your podcast or interview, this is a great option for you.

Daddy's Digest

DADDY'S DIGEST is an online magazine, website, video and audio channel that focuses on all things fatherhood and family.  I love this website so much.  There is so much great stuff here even if you are not a Dad.

Action Coach business coaching

They are a group of certified business coaches that support driven and ambitious business owners and leaders to increase their profits and their operating efficiencies.

Their goal is to help you achieve more using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide over the past three decades.

You can choose many programs, from group to 1:1 coaching and more!

Kendra Wiiest is there is truly amazing!