I love to work with like minded brands and people who are on a mission to make an impact.  When you become a sponsor of my shows, my goal is to raise awareness about your brand.

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I love working with local companies and I am very excited to be working with Tranquil Turtle Massage here in Coeur D'Alene!

Tracie is a small town girl with Montana roots, who loves God, her family and her friends, loves working out, fishing, and camping. Has a passion for helping those in need.

Offering her Signature Massages that include : The Honu Gua Sha, Honu Ashiatsu, Honu Infusion, Honu Prenatal Massage, and Couples Honu Ashiatsu Massage. Tranquil Turtle Massage also provides several signature spa treatments and spa packages which include Clients favorable The Couples Honu Pumpkin Spa Package and The Deep Sea Honu Spa Package!

Check out Tranquil Turtle Massage on their Website - Facebook - Instagram

Nicole Simmons is a small town girl, mother, wife and business owner. Follow her for Murder Monday’s where she’ll talk about South Carolina Murders and how it affects people years later.  She can be reached via email at murdermondaysllc@gmail.com

To buy her a cup of coffee or simply donate to travel and research Venmo @nicolesimmons87 or visit buymeacoffee.com/murdermondays

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MediGap Pros specialize in helping individuals find health insurance and the right Medicare coverage, with a customized coverage approach. They are licensed in over 45 states and have access to all the top carriers available!

As an Entrepreneur, being in contact with MediGap Pros is a MUST!

Schedule your appointment the team HERE!

Check them out at MediGapPros.com & Facebook

We are so pumped and honored to be working with Tigatu. This lifestyle clothing company based in the PNW is owned and operated by two brothers. Their story of building the brand to what it is today is truly awesome! This for fans of actions sports! Their motto is “Freedom From Ordinary” which should be everyone’s motto! They provide personal, timely, and professional customer service and are dedicated to not only continuing to build their brand, but more importantly for them is building relationships!  Make sure you check them out at Tigatu.com – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest – Vimeo

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