I love to work with like minded brands and people who are on a mission to make an impact.  When you become a sponsor of my shows, my goal is to raise awareness about your brand.

Check out the current list of sponsors I am working with below.  If you're interested in being a sponsor of my shows, make sure to check out the packages below!

I love working with local companies and I am very excited to be working with Tranquil Turtle Massage here in Coeur D'Alene!

Tracie is a small town girl with Montana roots, who loves God, her family and her friends, loves working out, fishing, and camping. Has a passion for helping those in need.

Offering her Signature Massages that include : The Honu Gua Sha, Honu Ashiatsu, Honu Infusion, Honu Prenatal Massage, and Couples Honu Ashiatsu Massage. Tranquil Turtle Massage also provides several signature spa treatments and spa packages which include Clients favorable The Couples Honu Pumpkin Spa Package and The Deep Sea Honu Spa Package!

Check out Tranquil Turtle Massage on their Website - Facebook - Instagram

CDA Brows, Body & Ink LLC!

Based in Coeur d'Alene Idaho offering  Permanent makeup services for Eyebrows, PMU Eyeliner, Blush Lips and Freckles!

They also offer Plasma Fibroblast Tightening with the first ever Aurorae Plasma Tighten machine, not a plasma pen. Which uses a completely different principle of treating the skin. Instead of modifying the structure of the tissue like in micro-needling, where they use the sublimation process (the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas state, without passing through the liquid state)to treat the excess amount of tissue, by creating a tightening effect with plasma.

Fillers are injected filling the skin to make wrinkles less visible. This approach is not ideal since these are chemicals whose long-term effects are still not certain and there is negative opinions on them. Plus, after a while they affect your look. Plasma Skin Tightening uses no products on the skin, we only get rid of excess skin and make it look rejuvenated by stimulating the fibroblasts to create collagen in the skin.

Check out CDA Brows, Body & Ink LLC on their Website - Facebook - Instagram

We are so pumped and honored to be working with Tigatu. This lifestyle clothing company based in the PNW is owned and operated by two brothers. Their story of building the brand to what it is today is truly awesome! This for fans of actions sports! Their motto is “Freedom From Ordinary” which should be everyone’s motto! They provide personal, timely, and professional customer service and are dedicated to not only continuing to build their brand, but more importantly for them is building relationships!  Make sure you check them out at Tigatu.com – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Pinterest – Vimeo

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Helping Christian Men Achieve Greater Purpose, Passion, Prosperity, and Power Through Kingdom-Entrepreneurship.

Operation Life™ is a highly personalized, elite training system created by an awarded US Army Staff Sergeant, author, speaker, personal trainer & business developer.

We are a community of committed, growth-minded achievers who empower each other to become fearless, Kingdom-driven entrepreneurs.

Failure is not an option because we truly believe we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthen us.

I am so honored to be working alongside my brother Ian Inman to change lives through Operation Life! Come Rise With Us!

Check us out our Website & on Instagram!

Craft Holsters is the new standard when it comes to custom leather holsters! Their mission is to bring their custom holsters to everyone because they believe that each responsible gun owner deserves to carry a truly custom-made holster!


They make holsters for more than 1,300 firearms, including lefties! They try to meet the demand of "modern" shooters, which means they've also introduced quite a few different light/laser-bearing holsters as well as red dot holsters!


They have a massive line of unique, custom holsters!  All of their holsters are not just handmade, but they're also hand-engraved by their CS craftsman!


Their holsters are meant for all gun-loving good guys, which means people like myself, you, and them. Each and every holster has its own story.  Some holsters help you protect your loved ones and your property, others serve the good people in Law Enforcement, while the rest of them help you enjoy the time at the range!


Check out Craft Holsters - Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - YouTube