I've been podcasting since 2017 and I upgraded my camera, mic, and lights a few times.  If you want to level up your podcast game, check out the equipment below.

Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to move forward with any of the products, I will earn a small commission.  I only recommend products and platforms that I personally use.  I appreciate your support. I highly recommend the equipment below. There is no additional cost to you for the commission I earn.
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Shure MV7 USB Podcast Microphone

This is the 3rd mic that I have used while podcasting and by far it has the highest quality I have experienced.  Every time I speak with people I hear "You sound great!" "You sound awesome!"

Make sure you pick Shure MV7 up!

Shure is the BEST in the business!


This is the best bundle you can get as a podcaster! You get the amazing MV7 Mic, Shure SRH440A Professional Headphones, and Boom Arm Stand!


If you want to start your podcast off right, this IS the bundle you NEED!

Shure MV7 USB Microphone Podcast Bundle

As you can tell I love Shure products! This is a smaller bundle than the one listed above! This is an awesome bundle to get your equipment at top-notch level!

This is the MV7 which has XLR and USB output, Shure mic stand, and Shure SRH440A Closed-back Studio Headphones!

Sony ZV-E10

This by far has been one of my favorite upgrades that I invested in over the years.  This camera is perfect for podcasters and content creators!  It has a TON of features like Product Spot Light so that it will focus on your product and then go back to you as you move it out of frame, is easy to set up, and has streaming capabilities just like any other webcam!

If you want to level up your video game, you NEED this!

Logitech Brio 4k Webcam

I used this camera for a few years and I loved it! This is 4k which will make my video extremely clear and crisp.  You will definitely get some compliments on your video quality with this camera!

This works on both Mac (I use a MacBook Pro) and PC too.  Definitely worth checking out if you are looking at picking up a new webcam.

Godox ES45 Key Light

Want to use the best lighting available? I would HIGHLY recommend the Godox ES45 Key Light with an extendable desk stand.

This allows you to adjust the lighting on the fly while streaming or podcasting.

Make sure you get your hands on this!