Ed Mylett once told me to remember CANI. It stands for Constant And Neverending Improvement. One of the best ways to do this is by reading.  Most of the books listed below were written by guests from my show or ones that made a huge impact on me!  I would HIGHLY recommend you pick them up!

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In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day: How to Survive and Thrive When Opportunity Roars

In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day: How to Survive and Thrive When Opportunity Roars" by Mark Batterson is a motivational book that draws inspiration from a biblical story about Benaiah, one of King David's mighty men, who chased a lion into a pit on a snowy day and killed it. Batterson uses this story to illustrate the importance of seizing opportunities, facing fears, and overcoming challenges. He emphasizes that God-given opportunities often come disguised as problems, and it is through courage and faith that individuals can turn these challenges into successes. The book encourages readers to take risks, trust in God's plans, and live a life of purpose and boldness.

The Vibe: The Missing Ingredient that Changes Everything

The Vibe: The Missing Ingredient that Changes Everything" by Kelly Cardenas explores how to harness your unique personal energy to achieve success. It introduces the concept of the "vibe triangle" and outlines five key indicators that define one's vibe. Cardenas emphasizes the importance of aligning these elements, leveraging both strengths and weaknesses, and maintaining personal integrity. Through practical advice and personal anecdotes, the book guides readers on how to transform their uniqueness into their greatest asset.

The 6 Indicators for Business & Life by Kelly Cardenas

The 6 Indicators for Business & Life" by Kelly Cardenas is a guide to achieving success in both professional and personal realms. The book identifies six key indicators that, when understood and applied, can lead to sustained growth and fulfillment. Cardenas emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to life and business, stressing that success is not solely defined by financial gains but also by personal well-being and strong relationships.

Drawing from his experiences as a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Cardenas offers practical advice and real-world examples to illustrate how these indicators can be integrated into daily life. The book encourages readers to focus on self-improvement, effective leadership, and strategic thinking, while also highlighting the significance of adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges.

Rocket Fuel by Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco

"Rocket Fuel" by Mike C-Roc Ciorrocco is a motivational guide aimed at helping individuals turn setbacks into fuel for success. Ciorrocco, drawing from his personal experiences and struggles, provides a blueprint for transforming adversity into a powerful force that drives personal and professional growth. The book emphasizes the importance of mindset, resilience, and unwavering determination. By sharing practical strategies and inspirational stories, Ciorrocco encourages readers to harness their inner potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals with relentless energy and passion.

Banana Ball: The Unbelievably True Story of the Savannah Bananas by Jesse Cole

Banana Ball: The Unbelievably True Story of the Savannah Bananas" by Jesse Cole chronicles the innovative and entertaining journey of the Savannah Bananas baseball team. Jesse Cole, who once aspired to be a Major League pitcher, transforms traditional baseball with the creation of "Banana Ball." The team is known for its unique and engaging approach to the sport, including dancing first-base coaches, fans catching foul balls for outs, and players performing in banana costumes.

Cole's narrative goes beyond the game itself, highlighting themes of creativity, leadership, and the importance of fun. The book details the impact of Cole’s father on his baseball journey, his relationship with his wife, and the deep connection between the team and its fans. This story of innovation and passion for the game is a blend of personal memoir, business strategy, and sports entertainment, capturing the essence of how the Savannah Bananas have revolutionized the fan experience in baseball​

Conversations With Covey by Brian Covey

Conversations with Covey: 11 Powerful, Inspirational, and Hope-Filled Lessons from Today's Biggest Leaders" by Brian Covey is a collection of insights from notable leaders across various fields. The book distills their wisdom into 11 key lessons, offering readers practical advice on leadership, resilience, and personal growth. Each chapter highlights a different leader's journey, emphasizing the importance of mindset, perseverance, and adaptability in achieving success. Covey's engaging style and the diverse experiences of the contributors make this book an inspiring resource for aspiring leaders.

The Legacy Code by Armando Cruz

The Legacy Code: Modern Man's Guide to Escape Obscurity & Live a Life Unleashed" by Armando Cruz is a self-help book designed to help men unlock their full potential and create a meaningful legacy. Cruz offers a step-by-step process to transform one's life through five key steps: Awareness, Vision, Purpose, Process, and Implementation. He uses personal anecdotes and exercises to guide readers in developing a clear vision and purposeful actions that align with their goals and values.

The book emphasizes the importance of living intentionally and making conscious choices that lead to a fulfilling and impactful life. Cruz also shares insights from his own experiences, including the influence of his father and the lessons he learned from various challenges and triumphs.

The Power of Potential by Thomas D'Eri

The Power of Potential: How a Nontraditional Workforce Can Lead You to Run Your Business Better" by Tom D'Eri reveals how embracing a neurodiverse workforce, particularly individuals with autism, can transform business operations and lead to exceptional success. The book centers around the story of Rising Tide Car Wash, a company D'Eri co-founded with his father to provide meaningful employment for people with autism, including his brother, Andrew.

D'Eri shares insights into how their unconventional hiring and management practices led to remarkable outcomes, such as a significantly higher employee retention rate and notable profitability. The book addresses common business problems, such as hiring biases and management inefficiencies, and offers solutions derived from their unique experiences. By focusing on safety, accountability, purpose, and customer satisfaction, Rising Tide Car Wash created a thriving work environment that offers valuable lessons for any business

The One Truth: Elevate Your Mind, Unlock Your Power, Heal Your Soul  by Jon Gordon

The One Truth: Elevate Your Mind, Unlock Your Power, Heal Your Soul" by Jon Gordon is a guide to understanding the powerful concept of "oneness" and how it can transform your life. Gordon emphasizes that our thoughts, words, and actions are profoundly influenced by a sense of unity or separation. When we feel connected and unified, we are strong and capable; when we feel disconnected, we are weakened.

The book explores the unseen forces that impact our mental state and provides practical strategies to elevate our mindset, enhance our performance, and improve our relationships. By adopting the principles of oneness, individuals can overcome anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions, leading to a more purposeful and confident life.

Gordon's teachings are not only relevant for personal growth but also for leadership and teamwork. A unified team is powerful and effective, while a divided one struggles. The book aims to help readers achieve clarity, peace, and empowerment through a deeper understanding of these principles.

The greatest salesman in the world by og mandino

The Greatest Salesman in the World" by Og Mandino is a timeless self-help classic that teaches the principles of success through the story of Hafid, a poor camel boy who rises to become a wealthy and wise salesman. The book's core teachings are encapsulated in ten ancient scrolls, each containing a fundamental principle for personal and professional success:

The Power of Good Habits: Success is achieved through the repetition of positive actions.
Greet Each Day with Love in Your Heart: Love is the most powerful tool for influencing others.
Persist Until You Succeed: Perseverance and determination are crucial; quitting is not an option.
You Are Nature's Greatest Miracle: Recognize and value your unique potential.
Live Each Day as If It Were Your Last: Make the most of every day without dwelling on past failures.
Master Your Emotions: Control your emotions to respond appropriately to situations.
The Power of Laughter: Use laughter to lighten situations and enjoy life more.
Multiply Your Value Every Day: Continuously improve and enhance your skills.
Act Now: Avoid procrastination and take immediate action to achieve goals.
Pray for Guidance: Seek spiritual guidance to stay on the right path.
The story emphasizes that personal discipline, love, persistence, and a positive mindset are key to achieving greatness in any field, not just sales. These principles are designed to transform one's life and lead to lasting success and happiness

The 15 Invaluable Laws of growth by John Maxwell

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential" by John Maxwell is a guide for personal development, offering practical principles to help individuals achieve their full potential. The book is structured around 15 core laws, each designed to foster growth in various aspects of life.

Key principles include:

The Law of Intentionality: Growth doesn't just happen; you must pursue it actively.
The Law of Awareness: Know yourself to grow yourself, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses.
The Law of the Mirror: You must see value in yourself to add value to others.
The Law of Reflection: Pausing to allow growth to catch up with you is crucial for learning from experiences.
The Law of Consistency: Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing.
Maxwell emphasizes the importance of personal discipline, continuous learning, and the ability to adapt and apply these laws in everyday life. He offers actionable steps, reflective questions, and inspiring anecdotes to help readers internalize and practice these laws consistently.

Connected To Goodness by David Meltzer

Connected to Goodness: Manifest Everything You Desire in Business and Life" by David Meltzer blends spirituality with business principles to help individuals achieve balance and success. Meltzer shares his personal journey from a top executive in the sports industry to facing bankruptcy and how he rebuilt his life by integrating spiritual practices with business acumen.

The book outlines seven interconnected principles, including the importance of foundation, clarity, balance, and energy, to attract abundance and achieve one's goals. Meltzer emphasizes the power of the "Energy Equation" and offers actionable steps to cultivate a mindset that aligns with one's true values, ensuring both professional success and personal fulfillment.

By leveraging these principles, readers can develop a framework that promotes peace, balance, and prosperity, embodying Meltzer's mantra: "make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.

Wounds: How Hurt, Heartache, and Tragedy Become the Keys to Unlocking Greatness by Ryan James Miller

Wounds: How Hurt, Heartache, and Tragedy Become the Keys to Unlocking Greatness" by Ryan James Miller explores how personal suffering can lead to profound growth and success. Miller draws on his own experiences, including surviving the 2017 Route 91 Harvest mass shooting, to illustrate how adversity can be transformed into strength.

The book outlines strategies for recognizing and addressing personal wounds, emphasizing that confronting and healing from these experiences can unlock one’s true potential. Miller combines personal anecdotes with actionable advice, encouraging readers to use their past traumas as a foundation for building resilience, empathy, and ultimately achieving greatness.

By focusing on the themes of healing, growth, and transformation, "Wounds" provides a roadmap for turning life's challenges into opportunities for profound personal and professional development.

Confidence Creator by Heather Monahan

Confidence Creator" by Heather Monahan is a powerful self-help book designed to help readers build and enhance their confidence. Monahan, a successful entrepreneur and public speaker, shares her personal journey of overcoming adversity and self-doubt to achieve success. Through a series of practical tips and relatable stories, she provides readers with actionable steps to boost their confidence, tackle challenges, and embrace their true potential.

The book covers essential strategies such as eliminating negative self-talk, setting boundaries, and taking calculated risks. Monahan emphasizes the importance of resilience and persistence, encouraging readers to learn from their failures and use them as stepping stones to success. Her insights are particularly valuable for those entering the workforce or facing significant life changes.

"Confidence Creator" is highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their self-esteem and achieve their goals, with a particular focus on empowering women in their personal and professional lives.

Overcome Your Villains: Mastering Your Beliefs, Actions, and Knowledge to Conquer Any Adversity by Heather Monahan

Overcome Your Villains: Mastering Your Beliefs, Actions, and Knowledge to Conquer Any Adversity" by Heather Monahan is a self-help guide designed to help readers tackle personal and professional obstacles. The book introduces Monahan’s 3-step BAK process—Beliefs, Actions, and Knowledge—which aims to help readers identify and overcome barriers to success, whether they stem from external sources or internal self-doubt.

Monahan draws on her own experiences, including overcoming poverty and navigating toxic work environments, to provide practical advice and actionable steps. She shares strategies for dealing with negative influences, boosting self-confidence, and finding lasting happiness and success in both career and personal life.

The book is particularly geared towards individuals who feel stuck or defeated and are looking for a clear path to achieving their potential. Through personal anecdotes and motivational insights, Monahan encourages readers to take control of their lives and conquer the 'villains' that hold them back​

The Art of Encouragement: How to Lead Teams, Spread Love, and Serve from the Heart by Jordan Montgomery

The Art of Encouragement: How to Lead Teams, Spread Love, and Serve from the Heart" by Jordan Montgomery is a practical guide aimed at empowering readers to harness the power of encouragement to enhance their personal and professional lives. The book explores ten distinct "arts" of encouragement, each providing actionable insights and challenges to help readers implement these principles immediately.

Montgomery, a renowned performance coach and motivational speaker, draws on real-life examples and personal anecdotes to illustrate the profound impact of encouragement. He emphasizes the importance of consistency, presence, and authenticity in uplifting others. The book is designed to help leaders, managers, and anyone interested in fostering a positive and productive environment by encouraging others.

Key features include strategies for maximizing leadership impact, attracting and retaining top talent, and cultivating a culture of positivity. The book is a valuable resource for business leaders, HR professionals, and anyone looking to improve their ability to motivate and support those around them.

Dream makers by Jim "The Rookie" Morris

Dream Makers: Surround Yourself with the Best to Be Your Best" by Jim "The Rookie" Morris is an inspirational memoir that extends the story of his remarkable comeback to Major League Baseball, which was famously depicted in the Disney film "The Rookie." In this book, Morris shares the trials and tribulations that followed his return to baseball, exploring deeper personal struggles such as his difficult relationship with his father, battles with pain and addiction, and the invaluable mentorship from his grandfather.

The narrative delves into the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive, accomplished individuals to overcome life's challenges and achieve one's dreams. Morris emphasizes the power of resilience, faith, and determination in transforming adversity into success. This memoir aims to inspire readers to pursue their own forgotten dreams, illustrating that with the right mindset and support system, anything is possible.

The Power of one more by Ed Mylett

The Power of One More" by Ed Mylett is a motivational guide that emphasizes the profound impact of taking just one more step in various aspects of life. Mylett, an accomplished entrepreneur and motivational speaker, introduces his "one more" philosophy through 20 chapters, each focusing on different elements essential for personal and professional growth.

Key concepts include:

One More Identity: Redefining oneself by embracing faith, positive intentions, and associations to construct a stronger personal identity.
One More Try: The power of small, consistent actions that compound over time to achieve significant results.
Time and Emotional Management: Strategies to make the most of one's day and manage emotions effectively to prevent impulsive actions.
Positive Associations: The importance of building and maintaining relationships that contribute positively to one’s life.
Dreaming and Questioning: Encouraging a vision for the future and continually asking questions to open new opportunities.
Standards and Habits: Raising personal standards and developing good habits while eliminating those that hinder progress.
Leadership and Influence: Emphasizing compassion, gratitude, and vision to lead effectively and influence others.
Mylett also touches on the significance of vulnerability, mindset, emotional intelligence, and the influence one can exert on their surroundings. The central theme is that by committing to one more effort, one more task, or one more step, individuals can unlock their extraordinary potential and achieve their goals.

Overall, "The Power of One More" provides actionable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to elevate their life and maximize their potential through consistent, incremental efforts.

#Maxout Your Life by Ed Mylett

#Maxout" by Ed Mylett is a motivational guide focused on maximizing one's potential and achieving success in life and business. The book outlines practical strategies and personal insights that Mylett has used to transform his life from humble beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Key themes in the book include the importance of overcoming struggles, the power of mentorship, and the necessity of developing strong habits. Mylett emphasizes that challenges and setbacks are integral parts of the journey to success and should be viewed as opportunities for growth rather than reasons to quit. He highlights the value of finding mentors who can provide guidance and support, helping to instill belief and confidence.

Mylett also discusses the significance of daily habits and rituals, particularly in the first and last 45 minutes of the day, to maintain control and focus. He advocates for setting clear goals, reviewing them regularly, and believing in one's ability to achieve them. According to Mylett, persistence, resilience, and a proactive mindset are crucial for "maxing out" one's life

Mapping out the millionaire mystery by chris naugle

Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery" by Chris Naugle and Brent Kesler reveals a 200-year-old financial strategy used by the wealthy to build and preserve wealth. The book teaches readers how to eliminate debt, grow wealth, minimize taxes, and create a legacy by using the concept of infinite banking. It emphasizes taking control of finances, recycling money, and leveraging the strategies of the affluent. The authors provide practical steps and examples, making these complex strategies accessible to everyone.

Magnetic Allure: The Blueprint to Building a Network of Referral Partners by Malia Rogers

Magnetic Allure: The Blueprint to Building a Network of Referral Partners" by Malia Rogers is a practical guide for professionals seeking to cultivate a robust network of referral partners. The book provides a detailed blueprint for building and maintaining strong, mutually beneficial relationships that drive business growth.

Rogers emphasizes the importance of identifying potential referral partners whose values and business goals align with yours. She offers actionable strategies for networking, including attending industry events, engaging on social media, and showing genuine interest in the needs of potential partners. The book also highlights the value of providing stellar client service and delivering on promises to foster trust and loyalty among partners.

By following the principles laid out in "Magnetic Allure," readers can develop a sustainable network of referral partners that not only boosts their business but also creates a supportive community of like-minded professionals.

The Upper Hand: Leveraging limitations to turn adversity into advantage by Chris Ruden

The Upper Hand: Leveraging Limitations to Turn Adversity into Advantage" by Chris Ruden is a motivational book designed to help readers transform challenges into opportunities. Drawing from his personal experiences as an amputee and diabetic powerlifter, Ruden provides actionable strategies to shift your mindset and gain control over difficult situations. The book emphasizes the importance of resilience and self-empowerment, teaching readers how to "win the moment" and overcome life's inevitable hurdles by gaining the upper hand over their own limitations and adversities

Mindset over motivation by Philip Sessions

The Reinvention Formula: How to Unlock a Bulletproof Mindset to Upgrade Your Life by Craig Siegel

Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen by Steve Sims

Go For Stupid: The Art of Achieving Ridiculous Goals by Steve Sims