I'm a big fan of multiple streams of income and if you are seeing this, I am guessing you are too! Below are programs & platforms that can help you in your business & are some great ways to make some side cash!

Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to move forward with any of the products, I will earn a small commission. I am not a financial advisor so please consult with an advisor before investing. I appreciate your support.  I only recommend products and platforms that I personally use.  There is no additional cost to you for the commission I earn.
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The Home-Based Revolution by Martha Krejci

What is HBR?  This is a work-from-home system that ACTUALLY works!

Martha will walk you through:

  • How To Become The Biggest Version Of Yourself.
  • The Big Dig - Mindset Session that will open your eyes.
  • Drill down into how you serve people specifically
  • How to build a LOYAL following & attract the right people
  • How to share & implement your strategies
  • Tell your brand story
  • Sell without selling
  • PR

The value I gained from this program was 100x my investment.

Martha Krejci is awesome and has been a guest on my podcast where she shared a ton of great knowledge!

The Conscious Investor Growth Day

Don't miss this AMAZING event in Coeur D'Alene Idaho, March 18th from 8am to 4pm at the awesome Coeur D'Alene Resort!

The topics covered can help you achieve Financial & Personal Freedom!

Use code "ErikAllenMedia" for 10% off your ticket!

Not only is this site awesome, but you can literally earn FREE money just by signing up! Seriously! I was like "How much do I need to spend when I sign up?" and the answer is ZERO!

So click the link below and get $25 FREE CRO coin!

If you have been thinking of getting into crypto, but not sure where to start? Why not start RISK FREE!


Zuna is a deflationary DeFi token. Built on the Binance Smart Chain; Zuna has low gas fees and excellent use case for future projects.

They like to reward their investors.  5% of every transaction gets distributed to all the investors holding Zuna.

ZUNA Contract: 0x5d07edaba2151a3c6802b28636ecc23082398edb

I believe in this and have invested in Zuna. Let me know if you have any questions.

Trust Wallet

I use Trust Wallet as my crypto wallet.  It's the most trusted & secure wallet out there for sure.  You can Buy, Store, Collect NFTs, Exchange, & Earn Crypto.

Over 10 Million people use Trust Wallet.  Very private and secure!

You can get started in 3 simple steps!

Pi Network

Pi Network is pretty sweet! It's the 1st Digital Currency you can mine from your phone.  You can start mining today free!

Pi makes Crypto mining easy and their breakthrough tech allows you to mine Pi coins on your phone without draining your battery!

Please use your the invite code "erikallenmedia" after installing the app.