I've been podcasting since 2017 and I upgraded my camera, mic, and lights a few times.  If you want to level up your podcast game, check out the platforms & equipment below.

Please note, some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to move forward with any of the products, I will earn a small commission. I appreciate your support. I only recommend products and platforms that I personally use. There is no additional cost to you for the commission I earn.

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Discover the Secrets to Podcast Success!

Are you thinking about starting a podcast?  Learn from Erik Allen, a podcasting expert who turned his passion into successful shows. He started "Top Rated MMA" in 2017 which became the #1 MMA podcast in the NW. Inspired by Ed Mylett, he launched "The Erik Allen Show" in 2019 for Entrepreneurs and Success Enthusiasts.

Erik's Podcasting Story

  • Winning Ed Mylett's Community Challenge in 2019 transformed his podcast's direction.
  • Erik has interviewed top names like Ed Mylett, Sean Whalen, Ken Shamrock, Ryan Stewman, Bedros Keuilian, Tim Storey, Eric Legrand, Jim "The Rookie" Morris, Brad Lea, Dan Caldwell, Greg Reid, David Meltzer, Steve Sims, Martha Krejic, Tom McCarthy, Brian Covey, Jordan Montgomery, Jon Gordon, Heather Monahan, Ryan Pineda & many more!
  • Now, he wants to help you succeed.

101 Questions to ask your podcast guest

I get it!  Thinking of questions to ask your guest is hard, especially if you are a newer podcaster! 

That's why I created a list of 101 questions you could ask your guest or at least spark your creativity!

Get started today!


I made the switch to Blubrry for a ton of reasons, but one of favorite things about things about them is their amazing customer service.  Their Customer Service is U.S. based and and very responsive.  They helped me make the move from Anchor extremely easy with very little work!

Hosting with Blubrry integrates with my WordPress site using their plugin PowerPress so I never have to leave my site when uploading.  The speed and simplicity PowerPress provides is definitely a favorite feature of mine.

Get your first month of Blubrry podcasting hosting free with the promo code ErikAllenMedia. Use the Hosting Estimator on their site to determine the best plan for you and don't forget, that's ErikAllenMedia for your first month free.

Get your $100 Blubrry Pro Hosting setup fee waived using the code ErikAllenMedia Their support team is available for any onboarding questions. And remember to the use the code ErikAllenMedia to get your setup fee for free.


I LOVE Guestio! Find, book, and manage high-profile guests for your podcast all inside one platform. Now you don't have to wait months to schedule someone. Just a few clicks and it's done! Built-in Messaging.

If you are a podcast host, you can list your show within the platform so that potential guests that want to be on your show can pay you to be on the show! I have personally made money through this and you can too!

Oh by the way, I have made over $2,000 on the platform!



I used to do the whole Zoom thing, but the quality of the recordings was continuously getting worse.  I am so glad that I made the jump to Riverside.  I love the ease of setting up my studio and downloading high-quality recordings in multiple formats like 9:16 & 16:19. Easily record podcasts and videos in high quality from anywhere. All from your browser or mobile app.
I would HIGHLY recommend using Riverside to record and stream your podcasts and content!


Dotcal is the scheduling platform for doers, creators, and entrepreneurs looking to make lasting first impressions with beautiful booking pages. Connect your calendar, personalize your page, share your availability, and sit back & relax.
This is not only used by me, but so many other podcasters are starting to catch on and see this as a top tool to book guests!
Use promo code ERIKALLEN50 for 50% off Dotcal Pro features for six months
Check out Dotcal on their Website - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn


This is by far one of my favorite tools to use with my podcast!
Use powerful AI to create short videos from podcasts, no editing is required!
vidyo.ai automatically selects, edits & captions top moments from your videos!
Their AI will make customized short videos
You can change colors, fonts, subtitles & more!

vidyo.ai has saved me a ton of time and has elevated my brand and videos!

Convert Kit

I love Convert Kit for keeping in touch with people.  They make it extremely easy to build newsletters and landing pages! I would definitely recommend checking them out.  They have a 14-day FREE trial and no credit card is required for the trial!

ConvertKit is the go-to marketing hub for creators that helps you grow and monetize your audience with ease.


I am a HUGE fan of Loom! You can record up to 25 five-minute videos for free!  When you hit 25, delete your old ones and keep recording.  I use Loom for all of my clients and get great feedback! This allows me to answer their questions via video and I just send them a link so that they can watch it!


I use Asana to keep track of upcoming podcasts that I am on, upcoming shows that I am recording, following up with previous guests and a ton more! Such an awesome platform! BONUS, it's FREE!

Asana helps you manage projects, focus on what’s important, and organize work in one place for seamless collaboration.


Podmatch is awesome! I have been booked on over 10 podcasts through this site.  You set up a profile and podcasters can find you and request you to be on their show.

This is also a great site to find amazing guests for your show! Super easy platform to navigate and connect with awesome people.

Would definitely recommend Podmatch!

Answer The Public

What are people searching for on the internet? Well, that is EXACTLY what AnswerThePublic.com shows you! This will help you with better SEO and answer the questions that your clients want to know!  Use this platform to determine what your next post should focus on! This is such an awesome platform!


This is a great platform to earn some money for your podcast.  This isn't a massive money-making site, but it can help you get a little funding for your podcast.

Podcorn connects brands who want to be sponsors on podcasts with podcasts!

I've made money from this site and I like the process, but again, not a huge money-making site, but a great way to get started with sponsors.

Definitely worth looking into.  Here is a great 5 minute video with more info.