I am here to help people and brands get known and noticed online.

I have worked with over 50 brands since 2017 and it is a goal of mine to always WOW my clients!

I can help you with your Box Opening, How To, & Explainer Videos.  I also do Voiceover and Audio Book Narration along with some fun laser engraving!

Check out the full suite of services I offer below!

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Start, Launch & Run A Successful Podcast

I know the frustrations of not knowing how to start a successful podcast. I spent weeks trying to figure where to host, how to post, which format I should be using, booking the big names & how to get ratings and reviews!

Let me help you save time and frustration so that you can Start, Launch & Run a successful podcast!

Podcast Sponsorship

I have been blessed to speak to some truly amazing guests on The Erik Allen Show & will continue to bring on World Changers! Why not get your brand in front of some of the biggest names in the world!

3 Different options available with discounts if you commit to 3, 6, 9, or 12 months!

Video Creation

I love doing videos for brands! If you need a video made for your brand or product, reach out & let me know what you need!

I have worked with 50+ brands including bottled water, holsters, apparel, insurance companies and many more!

My clients typically use my video service for Box Opening, How To & Explainer videos.

You can check out some of my client videos here.

BE a guest on the erik allen show

I work hard to bring on the absolute BEST guests possible for this show!  Since I started podcasting in 2017, I have been able to talk to so many WORLD CHANGERS including:

Ed Mylett, Sean Whalen, Ken Shamrock, Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman, Eric Legrand, Tim Storey, Jim “The Rookie” Morris, Zachary Babcock, Brad Lea, Bedros Keuilian, Greg Reid, Brian Covey, Martha Krejci, David Meltzer, Jordan Montgomery, Dan Caldwell (Founder of Tapout), Clint Arthur, Dr. Bill Dorfman, Tom Rowland, Erica Rifkin, Scott Tatum, Craig Siegel, Heather Monahan, Aaron Golub, Paul Halme, Jason Redman, & many more!

If you would like to apply to be a guest on the show, please fill out the Contact Us form with your website & social media pages!

If it’s a great fit, I will send you an invoice, then we can lock in a time to have you on the show!

Your show will then take priority and skip the line and be released within 2 weeks of recording the show. You will also receive the full audio and video version, 1 minute trailer & show image to use as you would like.