My Testimony – Our Past Doesn’t Define Our Future

This is a quick version of my testimony.  In any moment you can decide to make a change.    

Our Past Doesn’t Define Our Future!  

I hope that my story inspires and encourages you.  

Thank you for taking the time to check it out!  

Quick bio: 

– Broken Home 

– Beat my mom’s boyfriend up with a cast iron Pan for hitting her when I was 13 

– Jailed at 18 

– Bankrupt at 21 

– Battled addictions 

– Gave my life to Christ in 2004 

– Now breaking chains of divorce, abuse, and addictions  

– Married for 16+ years – Sober for 16+ years 

– Host of 2 Podcasts (Top Rated MMA & The Erik Allen Show) with over 300 episodes combined 

– I help MMA Fighters and Entrepreneurs get known and noticed online  

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