Ep. 40 – Armando Cruz – Best Selling Author – Ultra Marathoner – Legacy Coach

Ep. 40 of the Bearded Biz Show featured Armando Cruz who is a Best Selling Author, Ultra-Marathoner, Lifestyle Physical Therapist & Legacy Coach!

He has ran over 50 miles in a day, slept on the ledge of a cliff, and surfed during a hurricane!

His book called ‘The Legacy Code: Modern Man’s Guide To Escape Obscurity & Live a Life Unleashed’ is AMAZING! This was such a great show!

I always cut a 1 minute trailer for all of my shows and this was one of the hardest shows to edit that trailer for because there is so much great content in this show!

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Legacy Code Book 


Cruz Country Website 
YouTube Link – https://youtu.be/RWRHu4wRWFY