Ep. 256 – Top Rated MMA – End of an era

Ep. 256 featured me. I discuss the future of Top Rated MMA and the end of an era.  When my wife and I started Top Rated MMA in 2012, I had no idea what I was doing and I made a lot of mistakes. I have had an absolute blast talking with over 230+ different fighters from around the world.  Truly honored that they would take time out of their day to speak to me.  This is the last official Top Rated MMA Show with me at the wheel.

If you ever watched or listened to a show, please drop a comment.  I would love to personally thank you!

Thank you to my beautiful wife for supporting me in this crazy adventure since day one.  I would be who I am today without her.

Thank you to every fighter, promotion, manager, and gym that ever took the time to reach out.

Thank you to Brian Johnson and the Academy of Brian Johnson Team for giving us our first shot.  We had our very first booth at NW Challenge back in 2012.  Thank you to John Prince Albert for joining us at that event and doing a photo shoot with our gear.  

Thank you to Alan Howcroft for getting us on the banner of our very first event in Oklahoma in 2012.

Thank you to Roberto Villa and the FightbookMMA Team for making me part of the family and for all of the support and awards.  I wouldn’t be at the podcast level that I am at today without you!

Thank you to Pablo and Rose Alfonso at Warrior Camp for working with me and continuing to put on the best show in the area with Proving Grounds.

Thank you to the team at Fusion Fight League for always sending rad fighters our way and for always putting on a top notch event.

Thank you to Todd Carlson for taking time to speak with me on the phone and absolutely setting the highest level of professionalism with Front Street Fights. 

Thank you to every single fighter that ever took the time to join me on my show and for sharing your stories.

Thank you to every single supporter for giving us a “LIKE”, “FOLLOW”, “Heart”, Share, Retweet, and much more.  

Top Rated MMA will be going up for sale to the right buyer.  I feel like there is no better way to start a podcast or brand than to take one that has already built a massive following and make it better.  If you know of anyone that would be interested in taking over the brand and all content Top Rated MMA related, please share and let me know.

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