Ep. 239 | Drive and Determination | Rio Osorio

In this insightful episode, I dive deep into the world of sales and personal development with the dynamic Rio Osorio, a seasoned investor, entrepreneur & founder of the Alpha Army. He shares invaluable tips on mastering the art of sales, emphasizing the importance of starting on the right foot & navigating fear and failure. He sheds light on his hiring criteria, offering sales pros key insights into what he looks for in potential team members. He delves into the significance of nurturing relationships and building a lasting legacy for his children, providing a motivational glimpse into what drives him to persist and succeed. Whether you’re a sales enthusiast or a dedicated dad, this episode is a must-listen for those seeking inspiration and actionable strategies to thrive in both professional and personal spheres.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Drive and Determination
  • Importance of Legacy
  • Power of Relationships
  • Value of Time
  • Sales Success Tips
  • High Achievers do THIS 
  • Poverty to Success
  • Homes Services Business
  • What the hiring process looks like
  • What is the Alpha Army

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