Ep. 124 – Kurt von Ahnen – Founder of Powersport Academy – Host of Mañana No Mas! Podcast

Ep. 124 featured Kurt von Ahnen who is the Founder of Powersport Academy, author, Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, & Speaker for the John Maxwell Team and Host of Mañana No Mas! Podcast. Such a great show! Check it out!

Key Discussion Points:

  • Beating cancer while in high school
  • Being told as a kid “A kid like you is never going to amount to anything in this World”
  • If you don’t fail you haven’t tried hard enough
  • 6 ways to live your life with purpose
  • Writing a book that caught the attention of Ducati
  • The benefits of training & investing in your people
  • Your never know who is listening to your show

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