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Ep. 154 | Having a convicted mindset | Travis Richey

Travis Richey talks about having a Convicted Mindset! He is the Founder of Accomplished Adventures, Co-Creator of Convicted Mindset, the...
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Ep. 153 Facial Feature Analysis | Brian Galke

Brian Galke talks Facial Feature Analysis! He is a Facial Feature Analysis Expert, Founder & CEO of Subtle Skills, Speaker,...
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Ep. 152 – Lead Your Adventure | TJ White

TJ White talks how to Lead Your Adventure.  He U.S. Army Ranger Veteran, the Founder & Owner of Wooby Hoody...
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Ep. 151 – Harvesting For Gold | Theresa Goss

Theresa Goss talks harvesting for gold! She is a U.S. Navy Veteran, Founder of Black Insight Magazine which was the...
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Ep. 150 – 4 Questions You Should Ask Daily | David Meltzer

David Meltzer talks about 4 questions you should ask daily! He is a husband, Father, Speaker, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur,...
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Ep. 149 – Leveraging Your Language | Shea Hillenbrand

Shea Hillenbrand talks Leveraging Your Language! He is a 2x MLB All-Star, Founder of MLB Mindset, Peak Performance Expert, Coach,...
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