Ep. 251 | Who Says I Can’t | Jothy Rosenberg

Join me as I dive deep into the remarkable life of Jothy Rosenberg, a two-time cancer survivor, entrepreneur, author & Founder of the “Who Says I Can’t” Foundation. He shares profound insights on overcoming adversity, the power of humor in challenging times, & the inspiring stories behind his reality TV show. From his TEDx Talk to founding eight startups, including Dover Microsystems, discover the wisdom & resilience that have shaped Jothy’s journey. Don’t miss this engaging conversation that motivates us all to defy expectations.

Keep an eye out for Jothy’s new book ‘Think Like A Tech Founder: Anecdotes Of An Incorrigible Entrepreneur’ dropping in March!

Catch Jothy’s TEDx Talk here – https://youtu.be/PNtOawXAx5A?si=_C-eT6j4W__7BRwh

Key Discussion Points:

  • Who Says I Can’t Foundation
  • Being an Incorrigible Entrepreneur
  • Defying odds & expectations
  • Beating cancer not once, but twice
  • Being an extreme athlete 
  • Dancing with his daughter at her wedding
  • Process for writing his new book
  • Triple Package Of Traits we all NEED
  • Skiing for 100 days straight
  • Humor in adversity

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  • Who Says I Can’t Foundation – Aims to help young people who become disabled, participate in high challenge activities.  – https://whosaysicant.org/ 
  • Jothy Rosenberg – Is an Incorrigible Entrepreneur, TEDx Talk Speaker, Founder of Who Says I Can’t Foundation, an author whose new book ‘Think Like A Tech Founder: Anecdotes Of An Incorrigible Entrepreneur’ drops in March!


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